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Post-retirement Trend Bound to Temporarily Cut Social Security Benefits

January 8, 2013

Los Angeles – The uncertain economy has apparently led to employment changes and post-retirement trends that can temporarily lessen retirees’ Social Security benefits, reports said.

The trends these days show that retirees are now returning to their former jobs as consultants or contract workers. One disadvantage, however, is the momentary reduction of their benefits due to their work earnings.

Even after reaching the age of retirement, employees are now given more work options. They also do not simply give up employment.

Adrienne Graham, CEO of Empower Me Corporation, a company that provides business growth strategies, said that the gradual pulling back of the work hours of retirees is a good way for them to taste retirement life without doing it suddenly. This also provides the company a time to plan and create strategies to fill the vacant positions when the retiree finally leaves.

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