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Retired College Prof Loses Benefits after SSA Mistakenly Lists Him Dead

December 19, 2012

Weatherford, Tex. – A 73-year-old man was deprived of his monthly social security payments after the Social Security Administration (SSA) erroneously listed him as deceased, creating another case of unwanted error in the agency’s Death Master List.

Reports said that Von Dunn, a retired college professor, apparently did not receive his November social security check after the SSA considered him dead.

According to one report, about 1,000 people each month are inaccurately listed on the SSA’s Death Master List.

Local SSA officials said that such mistake is oftentimes due to clerical error.

On February, an inspector general said before the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee that whenever such incidences happen, people lose benefits and experience financial problems.

Meanwhile, the SSA has asked Dunn to personally visit a local field office to confirm his identity by presenting two forms of ID. His social security check was sent a few days following his personal appearance.

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