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Federal Social Security Tax


All employees are required by law to pay their respective taxes to the government. These taxes being paid to the state are used to finance the different benefits being provided by the government to the people. One type of tax being paid by all employees is the Federal Social Security Tax. This tax has specific computations for employee/employer, for self-employed individuals depending on the profit or earnings that each specific individual has. For those who are employed in a certain company, the employer is the one responsible for deducting the tax from each wage payment and they are the one responsible for remitting it to the appropriate office.

The Social Security Tax being levied to earners may vary each year depending on the increases in price and wage levels that are being observed in the state. The Federal Social Security Tax is usually used also for the retirement benefits and medical insurance benefits for people who meet the eligibility requirements set under the law.

There are existing laws regarding this subject and at times there will be instances wherein the Social Security Tax is withheld in error or when an employer deducts from pay which is not really subject to taxes. When this happens, the concerned individual can get a refund of the amount from the employer using the Revenue service Form 843. Along with this form are other supporting documents such as a copy of the Form W-2 which can prove the amount of social security and Medicare taxes withheld. Copy of the page from the passport showing the visa stamp, INS Form I-94, applicable INS Form I-538 and a statement from the employer declaring the amount of the reimbursement due is still some of the materials necessary if an error has occurred with regard to the Federal Social Security Taxes.

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