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Social Security Administration Medicare
Medicare is a health program for people 65 or older, definite disabled people under 65, and people of any age who have permanent kidney failure. It is administered by the Social Security Administration. Our Medicare program provides basic protection, but it doesn't cover all your medical expenses. Eligibility for Medicare is not based on wealth or financial need. There are two parts of our Medicare program. They are: Hospital Insurance (also called Part A Medicare), which is financed by part of the payroll (FICA) tax; and Medical Insurance (also called Part B Medicare) which is financed by monthly premiums compensated by people who choose to enroll. The two parts cover different kinds of medical costs and have different rules.

Hospital Insurance (Part A) If You Are 65 or Older, you are eligible if: You are getting Social Security or Railroad Retirement Act benefits, or You are not getting Social Security or Railroad Retirement Act benefits, but you have worked long enough to be eligible for them, or You would be entitled to Social Security benefits based on your spouse's work record, and your spouse is at least 62 (your spouse does not have to apply for benefits in order for you to be eligible based on your spouse's work) or, You have worked long enough for federal, state or local government to be insured for Medicare. If You Are under 65, you are eligible if: You have been getting Social Security disability benefits for 24 months, or You have worked long enough in federal, state, or local government, and you meet the requirements of the Social Security disability program. If you receive a disability annuity from the Railroad Retirement Board, you will be eligible for hospital insurance after you serve a waiting period. (Contact your Railroad Retirement Office for further details.)

Under certain circumstances, your spouse, divorced spouse, widow or widower, or a dependent parent may be eligible for hospital insurance when he or she turns 65, based on your work record. Also, disabled widows and widowers under 65, disabled divorced widows or widowers under 65, and disabled children may be eligible for Our Medicare.

Our Medicare Medical Insurance (Part B) almost anyone who is 65 or older - or who is under 65 but eligible for hospital indemnity - can enroll in Medicare medical program by paying a monthly premium. You don't need any Social Security or government work credits to get this part of Medicare.Aliens 65 or older who are not eligible for hospital insurance must be lawfully-admitted permanent residents of certain country and must live 5 years before they can enroll in the medical insurance plan.
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