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Social Security Disability Claim
Disability under the context of Social Security means the inability to engage in any considerably profitable activity by reason of any medically determinable physical or mental impairment which can be expected to result in death or has lasted or can be expected to last for a continuous period of not less than twelve months.

In filing for a Social Security disability claim, keep in mind that your condition must interfere with your routine work related activities. If it does not then the Social Security Administration will find that you are not disabled. Also, filing for Social Security disability claim means that your disability must correspond on the Social Security Administration’s list of disabling conditions.

Many people believe that because they have paid into Social Security Administration, their Social Security disability claim should easily be approved when they apply for disability benefits. Many people believe it’s just a matter of filling out the forms and going through the process. But this isn’t true. Social Security Administration denies seventy to seventy-five percent of first-time claims. Further, Social Security Administration denies eighty-two percent of Social Security disability claims that are appealed for Reconsideration. However, the good news is that when cases are heard before judges, over half are approved.

Social Security disability claim is available to anyone with a mental or physical disability, regardless of age, that has recently worked in a position where they paid to social security. Because there are many angles to take and situations vary for everyone, it is important to research your eligibility depending on your individual circumstances. The beginning process of filing a Social Security disability claim can be devastating and there are several ways to go about filing a claim. It is recommended that individuals go to their local Social Security office and file a Social Security disability claim in person.

The Social Security Administration makes their decisions to grant a Social Security disability claim based on several different points including how long an individual has been disabled, how old that person is, and what type of work they were in before the disability and how badly the person is disabled. There is no sure way that a person will be rewarded a Social Security disability claim. Because there are so many issues associated with different types of disabilities, each case will be looked at differently and with careful consideration. Although researching all of the aspects that go into filing a claim may be tiresome, it can help you in the long run by educating you more thoroughly on the fine details of your eligibility.

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