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Social Security Death Case Report
The SSA reports the deaths in the State. A Social Security Death Case Report is filed with the details of the illness or the details of the events leading to the death of the person. The Medical Officer or who is incharge of the administration ascertains the cause of death. The details of the cause of death, the site of drowning and other details were obtained from the Social Security Death Case Report.

When you're searching the Social Security Death Case Report, you may notice codes, such as VA, HC, PE, and 72, listed in the Last Residence column. These source codes are used by the SSA to indicate the source of the Social Security Death Case Report. The SSA uses these for internal reporting only, but since genealogists see everything as a clue it included the death report source codes here, along with their uses:

      FO - first party report; i.e., from a family member.

      72 - Report received from a funeral home.

      70 - Form SSA-704 which is prepared in lieu of a death certificate (DC) if a DC is not available.

      PE - assigned to an alert if there is a discrepancy among records; e.g., a deceased person is terminated via SSAs post entitlement payment systems. After the termination occurs on one payment record (e.g., the MBR, SSR or BL record), that record is passed to DACUS which compares the death data to the other payment records to make certain that the termination is effective for the same month. This situation previously generated a blank.

      BX or BX0 - Bendex

      HC or HC0 - Center's for Medicare & Medicaid Services

      VA or VA0 - Veterans Administration

Not all states seem to require registration of all Social Security Death Case Report. In a majority of states, a Social Security Death Case Report must be registered if it occurs after 20 weeks of pregnancy. In a certain state, the requirement goes into effect after 24 weeks.

The Social Security Death Case Report is not the Social Security Death Certificate. The Social Security Death Certificate is the Vital Statistics form which will be kept on file by the state and is the official registration of death. The Social Security Death Case Report is supplied by the doctor or nurse in attendance at the death. It included the admission date and information like that plus information about the death.
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