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Social Security Lawyer
Social Security Lawyers are reputable social security legal representatives who have proven experience and expertise in dealing with all legal issues involving social security law and are committed to providing the highest quality of competent legal representation.

Besides pursuing and acquiring monthly disability benefits for deserving, chronically ill clients, as an active and regular participant lawyers are positioned to play a part in keeping the social security system on track and true to its guiding principles. In addition to providing benefits to individuals, they see to it that the system and its guiding principles act as an invisible glue that holds our society together, serving as a guidepost for and an example of practical idealism. The system was born from the highest of human ideals and represents the better and more selfless part of the society’s collective mythology. Its existence, its function and the people it serves reminds to strive for more kindness, compassion and service to the public in the people’s lives.

Social Security Lawyers are dedicated to providing you with quality legal service, regardless of the size of your claim. You will be dealing with friendly, competent, and caring members and staff. We will always deal with you in s personal, hands-on manner.

One important aspect of our encouragement is to present your humanity to the Administrative Law Judge. An ALJ, like any other human being, can become susceptible to cynicism after listening day after day to people complaining about their problems. It is your job as an advocate to try to dispel that cynicism by helping to create a communication bridge between your client and the ALJ. An adjudicator’s cynicism can be diluted through the power of straight, personal and sincere communication.

Before meeting with our clients for a pre-hearing consultation we carefully read through the entire social security file noting with particularity the following:
1. Date of Birth;
2. Date of Alleged Onset of Disability;
3. Earnings record and date last insured;
4. Dates of Application;
5. Dates of Initial Denials;
6. Past Relevant Work — which includes the details of the work including the number of hours sitting, standing and the amount of weight lifted.
7. The Claimant’s complaints and any witness’s responses to questions posed by DDS;
8. The DDS doctors’ reviews and assessments including examining and non-examining doctors;
9. Any other assessments by medical professionals;
10. Any opinions or comments by the claimant’s past co-workers, employers and/or vocational rehabilitation experts; and
11. The entire medical record noting when and where the record supports a finding that the claimant cannot work full-time.
With our first meeting with our clients for the pre-hearing consultation, we tell them that our meeting has two purposes. The first is that we will get to know them better beyond our chats on the phone and our read of their medical records. The second purpose of our meeting is to practice for the big event — the hearing.

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