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Social Security Retirement Law Case

Social security is a pretty hot issue and has been for a while. As retirement benefits go, it is a benefit that is nice but should be seen as a fraction of your retirement planning assessment. Because you can't receive benefits until you are sixty-two and because your benefits are a percentage of you income average, you're likely to not be able to live for too long on just social security.

Statistics show that seventy percent of all Social Security Retirement Law Case are denied at application. If your application for benefits is denied, you may not be out of luck. A substantial percentage of denials on a Social Security Retirement Law Case are reversed on appeal. For example, almost half of all disability appeals, which are by far the most common type of appeal, are favorably changed during the appeal process.

If you are considering filing a Social Security Retirement Law Case, knowing before hand what type of documentation is needed will speed the process. For your Social Security Retirement Law Case you will need to have proof of your age and citizenship. Usually the original or certified copy of your birth certificate can serve both purposes If you were born abroad, you will need your birth certificate and proof of United States citizenship or legal residence; last year's W-2 earning report. This will provide a good estimate of your future earnings, if you intend to continue working; Proof of prior military service, if applicable; and birth certificates and Social Security numbers for any children under age 18, or 19 and still in secondary school.

If you are denied on your Social Security retirement benefit you should request an appeal immediately. Individuals attempting to file for Social Security Retirement Law Case either on their own or without a lawyer must meet the same standards, same criteria, and same legal thresholds, as those who are represented. While it may cost an individual in the short term to hire an attorney for their Social Security Retirement Law Case it may be insignificant compared to the loss of a long-term investment - the monthly annuity income which may span years, and even decades, depending upon your age.

The problem with individuals attempting to file a Social Security Retirement Law Case on their own is their lack of knowledge of the legal standards. This then leads to making the same mistake at each stage of the process.

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