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The benefits offered by Social Security are more than just your monthly retirement benefit. In fact monthly benefits are also paid to disabled working members under the age of 65. Likewise, retired members aged 62 and older received monthly retirement benefits. Spouses of retired or disabled working members who are ages 62 and older without or with a child who is under 16 years old or a child over the age of 16 but disabled are all entitled to monthly benefits.

Even divorced spouse of a retired or a disabled Social Security member who is aged 62 and older and who has been married to the Social Security member for at least 10 years or more has also the right to receive a monthly benefit. And also, unmarried children of a disabled, retired or deceased Social Security member who is under 18 years old, or under age 19 and a full-time elementary or secondary student is also allowed to receive monthly benefits.

Nonetheless, there are cases wherein a child of a retired, disabled or deceased Social Security member becomes disabled before reaching the age of 22. The Social Security ruling for this case gives the child the privileged or the right to receive monthly benefits. Surviving spouse aged 60 or over, disabled or not is also entitled to receive monthly benefits. Likewise, a surviving spouse who is taking care of a disabled child and in which the child’s age is under 16 and has acquired the disability before reaching the age of 22 is granted the right to receive monthly benefits. And also dependent parents of a deceased Social Security member who are ages 62 and older have the right to be given monthly benefits.

The monthly benefits are usually paid through direct deposit to a bank account. With regards to the bank account used you may call the nearest Social Security Office in your area. The direct depositing of monthly benefits saves time and does not require loads of paper works. The Social Security implemented such process in order to prevent cases of checks getting lost in mails or checks getting encashed by someone else posing as the owner of the check. And also, there are situations wherein the Social Security member has transferred residence and is hard to locate. Depositing benefits in banks is a more convenient and secure method of delivering monthly benefits to Social Security members.
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