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Many say that this essay is classified as garbage. I read the essay and I just see a bunch of topic sentences strewn chaotically about, totally devoid of any supporting sentences.

Take for example the sentence in the which reads “The Social Security Trust Fund is a lie hiding the fact that the government squanders what people would otherwise have invested for their later years.” Nowhere in the essay do I see any supporting evidence for this statement. Why is the Social Security Trust Fund a lie? How do we know that people would otherwise have invested this money for later years? Which people? All people? I know lots of people who wouldn’t have invested the money for later years. Why would you need supporting evidence that spending excess Social Security funds (taxes) into general revenues to support current obligations; rather than investing the excess into a multi-trillion dollar fund(s) which would enable returns for future retirees to offset the increased baby boomer projected needs; is not squandering the investment/trust?

The essay itself does nothing but criticize Social Security. It doesn’t provide any idea as to what would have been a better solution to the overwhelming problem of senior poverty after The Depression, or what to do about the supposed crisis now. Nothing.

I understand that each President has a desire to leave office with something that they have accomplished. Unfortunately Bush’s plan for Social Security will not give him the desired effect. The fact that he is dismantling a system that has been in place and working for one that is bound to fail miserably only shows where he is concerned most, once again arrogance rules the day.

Bush’s administration has done anything it could to favor the interests of big business over the people. I find this new development interesting, however. I didn’t think the re-party had the audacity to tamper with something like Social Security.

Unfortunately, American citizens are once again being told the big lie and once again believing it. The sad thing is even if the Democrats win in 2008 and manages to fix this awful mess, the crooks who’ve engineered this scheme will still make their millions and retire somewhere they can’t be touched.

Re-partisans are big believers in the cult of tradition - the good old days. I used to think they meant the 1950’s. Now I undertstand that they're referring to the 1920’s. Hence, Bush can fool too many people.
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