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Although most Social Security beneficiaries receive retirement benefits, many younger individuals receive Social Security because they are disabled. If you are a worker who can no longer do your job because of an illness or injury, you may be eligible for disability benefits from Social Security. With the legal assistance and advice of experienced Florida Social Security Attorneys, you can be more confident in getting the settlement you deserve under the Social Security law. Your Florida Social Security Attorneys are not only important in assisting with the legalities associated with your claim but they can also show the details concerning the different types of filings.

If you have become disabled and have stopped working because of your disability, Social Security Disability Insurance can provide you benefits. Such benefits will be entitled to you are not however a government handout or welfare. Your acquisition of benefits is allowed by the insurance that you paid for during your working career. You are entitled to it based on mandatory payroll taxes that you have paid and your employer has matched.

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Although you are not required to have Florida Social Security Attorneys represent you in your case, it is always advisable to contact one at least by the time of the hearing before the administrative law judge. Experienced Florida Social Security Attorneys will know the details on how to appeal your case. In addition, your Florida Social Security Attorneys will know how to decide what medical proof is needed for your case and how to get it. Also, your Florida Social Security Attorneys can help you with any problems that come up about your payments if you are approved.

The sooner you contact Florida Social Security Attorneys, the sooner they can counsel you on how to deal with Social Security. It is also advisable to obtain the representation of Social Security lawyers before filing the request for hearing rather than filing the appeal yourself. Most Social Security lawyers charge on a contingency basis. This means that you do not have to pay your lawyers unless you win your case.    

Applying for Social Security benefit is never easy. The rules and procedures are complex and confusing with many roadblocks as possible. Questions about proper application of this law are raised in many thousands of federal court and administrative hearings each year. It is, thus, advisable to get the legal representation of Social Security attorneys to help you through this complicated process. Further, a reputable Social Security attorney who is familiar with cases like yours can tell you from the outset whether it is worth your time to pursue a social security claim or even legal action.
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