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Washington Social Security Attorney 

U.S. Government statistics show that Social Security claims are often more successful on appeal, and Washington Social Security Attorneys find that to be true as well. If your private benefits exceed your Social Security benefits, then you may have the right to claim residual benefits from your private policy.

Washington Social Security Attorneys represent clients for Social Security claims, as well as other long-term insurance claims. Washington Social Security Attorneys can represent you all Washington venues, and will meet with you in our north, south or central Washington offices.

Social security is designed, as the title suggests, providing security. To protect individuals from unforeseen catastrophes, the government spreads certain risks among all members of society so that no single family bears the full burden of such occurrences.

In the United States, the Social Security Program is created to provide old age, survivors, and disability insurance benefits to workers and their families. Unlike welfare, social security benefits are paid to an individual or his or her family at least in part on the basis of that person's employment record and prior contributions to the system. The program is administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA) and since 1965 it has included health insurance benefits under the Medicare program. While the original act used Social Security in a broad sense and included federally funded welfare programs and unemployment compensation within its scope, current usage associates the phrase with old age, survivors, and disability insurance.

Washington Social Security Attorneys have proven experience and expertise in dealing with all legal issues involving social security law and are committed to providing the highest quality of competent legal representation. If you are looking for experienced Washington Social Security Attorneys or would like to get more information on a particular Washington Social Security Attorneys you can call them or visit their offices located in the vicinity of Washington State.

Washington Social Security Attorneys who specialized in Social Security law can help you ease your way through the process and may increase your chances of success. It is a standard practice for Washington Social Security Attorneys not to charge any fee unless and until your case is won. At that time when you receive your back benefit award the attorney will request 25% of that award if the attorney has been successful in helping you win your case. Many lawyers don't take SSI cases, but Washington Social Security Attorneys do provide this service to the community.

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