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The Social Security Card is important because it contains the Social Security number that you need to get a job and receive Social security benefits. Each individual is assigned a Social Security card that helps them to be distinguished from anyone else who happens to have the same name. No two cards are the same as each card is unique and contains the bearer’s birthday, gender and final control number.

The Social Security Administration issues three kinds of cards. The card most people have that has been issued since 1935 shows the individuals name and Social Security number and lets that holder work without restriction. The second type bears a NOT VALID FOR EMPLOYMENT legend. This type of card is issued to individuals from other countries who are admitted to the United States on a temporary basis but not for work. The third type of card issued since 1992 bears the legend VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITHIN INS AUTHORIZATION. This card is issued to individuals who have been admitted in the United States on a temporary basis with the Immigration and Naturalization Service employment authorization.

The Social Security card improves the quality of social and health services and speed up the process of providing benefits and services to which a person has a right. The benefits of the Social Security card include speeding up the process of establishing eligibility to medical benefits; conveniently receiving the public benefits to which you re entitled; having fewer forms to fill out in order to receive any kind of social benefits; timely and accurately receiving payment for social benefits and enables to maintain an accurate record of eligibility for pensions and social assistance.

To apply for a Social Security card you need to complete Form SS-5 otherwise known as the Application for a Social Security Card. You must provide the Social Security Office with original documents that show your identity, citizenship and age. Once your Social Security card is ready, you will receive notification from the office where you submitted the application. Generally, the Social Security card is used when:

• You open a bank account
• You apply for pension or social benefit
• You go to a hospital
• You are employed to make sure that the taxes and social insurance you pay are recorded in your account.

The social security number is the most valuable identity document for anyone interested in stealing your identity or committing credit fraud or other crimes in your name. When your card is lost or stolen, it is vital to report the incident immediately as a lost or stolen card can quickly escalate into a very serious problem. If someone is using your social security number to get a job, they may well be using your identity in other ways.
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