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The Social Security Administration oftentimes does not rule favorably on a claim for disability. It is especially difficult to get your claim approved if your claim involves a fibromyalgia case. Fibromyalgia is a musculoskeletal fatigue and pain disorder. It involves pain in the ligaments, muscles and tendons. Symptoms associated with fibromyalgia include fatigue, pain, sleep disorder, chronic headaches, and irritable bowel syndrome. Any changes in the weather, allergies, infections, stress, depression and anxiety aggravate these symptoms.

In fibromyalgia claims the medical notes and report of the treating doctor are the most important. Since the extent of pain and fatigue cannot be measured, consistency of complaints in the medical records will be important. Additionally, documentation by the doctor of impairments and inability to perform routine daily activities such as shopping, social functioning and house works are also important considerations by the Social Security Administration.

Winning your fibromyalgia claim can be strengthened if you have an understanding of how the Social Security Administration evaluates your medical condition. Your doctor’s testimony and evidence can be very helpful for the success of your application for benefit. The doctors report must, however, be complete, detailed and document your disabilities. Nevertheless, expect that your claim will be denied the first try. If this happens, prepare to appeal this decision with the aid of a social security disability lawyer. This would speed up the process and make sure that you understand your rights under the law. Do not let the denial discourage you. It is essential that you realize that your claims process is not yet over and that you still have the chance to file for a hearing. The hearing is very important because it is the only time that you have the opportunity to talk and see the decision maker.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition, meaning it last a long time possibly a lifetime. However, it may comfort you to know that fibromyalgia is not a progressive disease. It is never fatal and it won’t cause damage to your joints, muscles or internal organs. Most FM patients cite pain as a major cause for disability. Chronic widespread pain is a common finding. The valid assessment of disability in chronic pain states is notoriously difficult. The good part about having you claim brought before a judge is that 68% of the cases are approved. Although the process may take a long time and a lot of energy, it is still worth it if your claim gets approved. You only have to be determined, patient and realistic.
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